Through my extensive travels, I met a lot of interesting people in many different ways. In India I have seen children literally lost in the streets sniffing glue to the close connected families in the remote areas in the jungle of Ecuador. From people living in a small village that can only be reached after 3 days of walking or a small monastery that is totally isolated through snow for 6 months a year, to big (capital) cities where people are running around to reach their jobs in time or through being part of cultural ceremonies with sometimes over a million people participating. Through meeting and seeing all these different people in their own unique (living) ways, it was obvious to see so many differences, but I was also intrigued to see that within all those differences I saw just as much similarities.

The biggest difference that strikes me the most is connected with a sense of belonging. Meaning that so many people have lost this basic sense or feeling of belonging in their every day lives. I see that this makes them literally run through life and some people start looking for this (lost) sense outside themselves in things or others. This way of living gets people usually even further disconnected from this natural sense of belonging that sits in all of us. This sense of Belonging is naturally and every lasting present with the local people in the remote areas of the world. They show and say that this sense can simply be found in the reason for being here, for walking (barefoot) on this planet. For these people the sense and awareness of Just Being is enough for them to feel they Belong.

The biggest similarity that I find and that makes me smile with recognition is that we are all sons and daughters of (even if someone doesn’t know their) parents. We all have our own specific needs, wants and opinions, but in the end I clearly feel and see that behind all those differences, everybody just wants to be Seen, Loved and Heard for who they truly are.

So to each and every one of you, I deeply want to say.

Thank You for Being You


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Marieke Bosman

Coach from the heart. I empower people to listen to their heart to access their power and wisdom. How to stay true to you by just Being You.