From this platform I welcome and invite you to share the Gift of Life itself. This means that the Gift of Life is seen as a treasure on it’s own and can very simple be fully experienced by the choices that we make in our every day lives. This Gift of Life has no price tag, clock work or thinking terms in itself. It can be lived and experienced in every moment by truly living and following our hearts.

Is it not time to put the price tag on ones existence behind us and start valuing Life itself for what it has to bring us? Is Life itself not a priceless gift that is an open invitation to be explored and enjoyed to the fullest? That Life can be seen as (experiencing) Abundance in itself, because through Life we learn, grow and experience? So why aren’t we living it this way and why do we (still) believe we have to work hard instead of heart to be able to live life and breathe?

I am inviting you to change your way of thinking of Being, by Just Being. To act from Just Being and through questioning yourself openheartedly in your ways of thinking in Being. To be true in your own answers, because there is where real change starts and takes place. It comes from (questioning) within, dare to feel what life wants from you and at the same time open up your eyes for the possibilities? Be open to hear this call that is wrapped in the gift of Life and become a person who is seeking a meaningful and fulfilling Live, into a person who is actively and practically living it. Living it every day, simply by the choices that we make, by seeing, connecting and acting through the Gift of Life itself. In this way serving the Gift of Life that is alive in all of us.

Namaste to (the gift of Life that is in) us all.


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Marieke Bosman

Coach from the heart. I empower people to listen to their heart to access their power and wisdom. How to stay true to you by just Being You.