Sharing the Gift of Life itself is something that most of us have heard about, but sharing the gift of Live is new to most people. I want to share both gifts with you, the gift of Life and the gift of Live. For me, the Gift of Live compliments the Gift of Life. In other words Living Life Live, with this I mean in the moment. This means that the Gift of Life is an invitation for Life itself and the gift of Live is the invitation to live living in full awareness in each moment. To be present and feeling alive in every moment.

For many people feeling a connection with or within their body or being, is a practice on its own. For example to be aware of your breathing and/or body movements and this usually has a specific time frame in practice through yoga or meditation. The gift of Live is an invitation to become (more) aware of your present existence and this means for a lot of people, simply out of the head and into the awareness of the body, but adding an extra factor here, because your awareness is not only in (connection with) your body, but also in connection with this exact moment. This asks for an extra level of awareness that can simply be trained into an everyday part of Live Living. Make Life more Alive in the everyday Living.

How can you practice this extra level of awareness, when so many people already struggle just to keep the attention in their body during any exercise? The key is in your heart, because that is the only place where all these senses of awareness come together. The big challenge here is to actually be in your heart, instead of thinking you are in your heart. Let me give you an example. When I say to you, feel your feet in this moment, do you then think or go with your attention to your feet or did you went down into the awareness of your heart and actually from there truly felt your feet. The head can never really feel the feet, because this can only be experienced in the heart. Another example here is that you are touched by a piece of music. The music itself is processed through listening with the head, but the depth of the touching music can only be truly felt in the heart. This is the same with Living Life Live.

So good luck with Being Present in the moment, by truly going down into your heart and feel in that very moment what Life wants to tell you. Are you ready to truly listen to yourself and to find out what is waiting for you now to be explored?


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Marieke Bosman

Coach for your heart. To empower you to listen and understand the language of your heart. With this understanding you access your natural power and wisdom. How to stay true to yourself and how to find the answer you are searching for right now.