In this world where everybody is always busy on their own device and some people even literally hide behind it, it becomes difficult to find and connect in a heartfelt way. When I talk to people about a heartfelt connected way, the first question that comes into their mind is, but what do you mean with heartfelt and how do you know it is a heartfelt connection.

And this is a perfect introduction for me, because it explains beautifully what is actually going on. The question is about the heart, but it comes from the head. It can simply be explained by the fact that so many people are connected with and through the world by a device and therefor we miss the heartfelt way of connecting. First there is often literally a device in between people. Second, people are used to connect through reading and typing in such a way, that even when they meet up in person, this brain way of meeting is automatically put into charge.

I am a big believer of the simple statement; that what you give attention grows. So when so many people are constantly reading or typing on a device, a lot of time and energy is directed to that and for this the head is needed. So back to the question where it all started with. A heartfelt way of connecting can simply been experienced by redirecting yourself to your heart instead of your head. For example by taking a moment before or at the beginning of connecting. In this moment you take a deep breath and clear your head of all the (every day) things that are going on. In this way you become aware of the present moment and from there you can go down into your heart by asking yourself how you feel. After connecting with that feeling from your heart in that moment, you can say: Now that I have sat down with myself and with you, I want to share with you…

May you become aware and from there get inspired to create joyful and pure heartfelt connections in the moment itself. You can start today or actually now, because ones you experience for yourself the beauty and depth of this natural heartfelt way of connecting, your heart will not settle for anything less. It is simple to Do and it starts with You.


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Marieke Bosman

Coach for your heart. To empower you to listen and understand the language of your heart. With this understanding you access your natural power and wisdom. How to stay true to yourself and how to find the answer you are searching for right now.