Change your inner (mind)set with a few simple tricks and tips, so you become supportive of your true self. I believe that we are all energy and interconnected. I leave it with you in which way you see this.

To take this a step further, this also means that we have a collective human kind (mind)set. Currently a lot of people become aware of their own inner (mind)set. This awareness usually comes with lots of struggles and frustration. Many people experience an inefficient and non-supportive inner (mind)set. This feeds the struggle into a certain survival way (of thinking) instead of thriving.

Luckily with a few simple tricks and tips, you can easily see what is happening and change this pattern.

Take your time and energy to find out what you do want in life. People can feel stuck in life, because the focus is on what they don’t want or have. That is exactly the energy that keeps you low and feeling trapped. You engage with the victim role. From there not much good can come your way. Change your focus on what you do want in life and start to talk about that. This is your direct entrance in manifesting what you want.

You don’t have to do so many things in life. Start to see life as a precious gift. This gift is you and for you to enjoy and experience. You can raise your energy, by shifting the way you think. Move away from things and activities you feel have to do and step first in what you are able and enjoy to do. Also activities you don’t like can easily be transformed.

When you wait in a queue or when you use the toilet. Make this a quality moment when you are in there any way. Take a moment to really see everything around you. Think about anything you are grateful for. Being grateful opens the heart and raises your energy instantly. Acknowledge all that you do and focus on positive experiences.

Every morning ask your angel for help, to stay light and positive during the day. It is free and quick in results. Angels respect your free will and can only with your permission.

Whenever you choose positive change in your energy and inner (mind)set, by becoming aware. You support this change in the collective human (mind)set. Which means in short that it doesn’t take much to change a lot.

Need more tips and tricks? Feel welcome to connect with me.

Marieke Bosman

Coach for your heart. To empower you to listen and understand the language of your heart. With this understanding you access your natural power and wisdom. How to stay true to yourself and how to find the answer you are searching for right now.