Today I want to write to you about changing your inner (mind)set with a few simple tricks and tips, so that your inner (mind)set becomes supportive of you and your true path. I believe that we are all energy and that we are all connected. I leave it up to you in whatever way you want to see that.

To take this a step further it also means that we have a collective human kind (mind)set. Currently a lot of people are becoming aware of their own inner (mind)set and this awareness usually comes with some struggle and frustration, because a lot of people have an inefficient and non-supportive inner (mind)set, that is only feeding the struggle in a new age way of survival (thinking).

Luckily with a few simple tricks and tips that you can find below, it is easy to see and change that.

Spend your time and energy on finding out what you do want in life. So many people are stuck in life because the focus on what they don’t want or have and that is exaclty the energy that keeps you low and feeling trapped. In other words it keeps you in the victum role and not much good can come from that. So change your focus on what you do want in life and start talking about that. This is your direct entrance in manifesting what you want.

You don’t have to do so many things in life. Start seeing life as a precious gift that is given to you to be enjoyed and explored. You can change your way of thinking easily and therefore also raise your energy by shifting your thinking from I have to, to I get to or I am able to…

When you are waiting in some kind of queue or when you use the toilet, make it a quality moment if you are in there any way. Think about what you are grateful for, because gratefulness openness the heart and raises your energy instantly or think of the positive things you did and experienced today.

When you wake up in the morning ask your angel for help to stay light and positive during the day. It is free and quick in results. Your angel wants to help you, but can only do so if you ask, because it can not interfere with your free will. By asking for help you set the path clear for your angel.

With you changing your energy and inner (mind)set, by becomig aware and choose to change, you also support and help to change the collective humanity (mind)set in a positive way.

In short it doesn’t take much to change a lot.

Need more tips and tricks, you are very welcome and you know where to find me.

Marieke Bosman

Coach from the heart. I empower people to listen to their heart to access their power and wisdom. How to stay true to you by just Being You.