If you listen closely to the people and conversations around you, you hear a lot of people talking and very few are actually ‘active’ listening. People feel a deep longing and need to connect with each other, but very few are aware of what they bring into the conversation and what they actually want to share on a deep(er) essence or soul level.

Most of the times we have a connecting story to tell, but through this way of communicating people have forgotten that we are already fully connected! By communicating through connecting stories and therefore topping (each other) up, we lose ourselves in stories that lose their essence for sharing.
Also… are we listening with the ears from the head and trying to meet and connect with each other by telling similar stories, experiences and situations or are we actively listening with the ears from the heart, where we already feel naturally fully connected and in that way we create a natural space for sharing what really matters in our life and what lives in our hearts. Creating space for active listening will bring you profound knowledge about yourself and people that you are surrounded by, because most of the time we don’t really need a ‘top up’ story or experience. We just want to express and share what is living inside of us. We want to feel heard and acknowledge that on essence level always takes place in the heart through heartfelt connections.

Active listening invites us to listen with the ears of the heart. It is about holding space for ourselves and each other. In this way being aware of your own wants and needs during a conversation, but also being aware of the deeply rooted need to feel heard, seen & loved for who you truly are and who the other person truly is. Taking a moment of silence before you respond to check where you and the other person(s) are standing in the conversation or really look another person in the eye without being intrusive, are good signs to see if a person is aware of their own conversation skills. Do you want (to be) an active listening friend, a person where you are totally yourself and comfortable with. A person with who you can share anything without feeling judged or misunderstood, or do you want (to be) a friend who is eagerly waiting to share a (connected) story or experience.

Active listening finds place from a natural way of being aware, through heartfelt listening and connecting, where there is place for who you both truly are, where you are both standing in the conversation and what you both want to bring in or contribute to the conversation. It is about quality communication and this brings the following question. What kind of friend do you prefer to be? Which ears will help you to connected and express yourself in your own natural and authentic way?

A heartfelt sign of connection is coming your way wherever you are, so please keep your heart and ears open <3

Marieke Bosman

Coach for your heart. To empower you to listen and understand the language of your heart. With this understanding you access your natural power and wisdom. How to stay true to yourself and how to find the answer you are searching for right now.