Planting Seeds of Love and Joy, how do you do that? That was the main question during this interactive presentation at the food harvest festival in the Fitzgerald park in Cork City.

A lot of children, teenagers, adults and (grand) parents found this a very interesting question and many different answers came in reply, from putting the seeds with lots of tender love and care into the soil to being good to others.

My response to these answers was that I believe that by doing what makes you happy, you directly plant seeds of love and joy, because when you do something that makes you happy you directly plant something with love and joy.

After this exchange I invited everybody to participate within the installation by asking them to choose a colour that makes them feel happy. With that colour they are invited to paint something that makes them happy. During and after the painting they planted their seeds of love and joy. For many this was a true eye opener.

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Marieke Bosman

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