We all are given incredible gifts to enjoy and explore. It is up to us to see what they are and start cultivating them in such a way that these gifts compliment us. Not only for one or two hours a day or week, but for the every day living.
Some gifts ask for certain qualities and talents, time and dedication are needed to cultivate them. There are also a lot of gifts that can easily be found in connecting with your heart and looking at your character.
A lot of people question what they want to do in life, what makes them happy. Your natural curiosity and character already gives you an answer in which direction you can start looking. Looking for what makes you happy in connection with your natural gifts can easily be accessed by listening to the heart.
A good indicator is also, doing what makes you happy. Although I fully understand that this can be very difficult for people. How do you re-connect with what makes you truly happy, how do you re-connect with that natural part in yourself that so many people, through every day demands, lost touch with?
The best advice I can give you is to go into nature and let nature do the work for you. Simply by walking or sitting and observing yourself in these natural surroundings. This will instantly support the re-connection with the true you, your own heartfelt connection.
You can also sit on a couch or chair every week for one or two hours and just be. This is (coming from my own experience) a bit more challenging, because you always see so many things that still can be done, especially at home and distractions can easily be found.
Although it can be a bit of a hassle or you can look at it as a direct achievement to find or create the time and space to off load. In this way you give yourself the space to connect with the true you. So you can give yourself the opportunity to shift more and more from Doing Mode to Being Mode, with all the profound joy and incredible gifts this natural state brings you.

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Marieke Bosman

Coach from the heart. I empower people to listen to their heart to access their power and wisdom. How to stay true to you by just Being You.