DIY we all know as Do It Yourself, but what if this is further from the truth as ever. What if we knew that we are never alone and help is always there for us. If we only dare to reach out. To feel worthy enough to ask for help.

If we become aware of the fact that we are never alone.That help is always there for us. We feel directly a world of difference. The mindset can easily be shifted from DIY to DIT, Do It Together.

What if the only thing you needed to do is say out loud I ask for help with the following situation. I ask for a solution that is in the best and highest interest for everybody involved.

What to do next….

Trust that the best possible solution for all involved will come and choose to let it go.

In this way you create space to let the solution come to you. If you worry to much or create worked up feelings. You then simply close the door for this beautiful solution to come your way. Or you don’t see the beautiful solution that present itself
So take a deep breath, put both your feet steady on the ground. Ask for a DIT solution within the situation you are struggling with and let go. Take another deep breath, accept all that is and let go once more. Say that you are now passing forwards this worry and trust that a magical solution is unfolding.

Have fun and enjoy the miracles that present themselves.

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Marieke Bosman

Coach for your heart. To empower you to listen and understand the language of your heart. With this understanding you access your natural power and wisdom. How to stay true to yourself and how to find the answer you are searching for right now.