Through my passion in search for heartfelt connections, I choose a life that compliments me and my heartfelt vision. After completing 2 degrees, in teaching & in social science, and working 6 years in the health care system, I decided it was time for a change by exploring another way of living & being. I wanted to give and receive with an open heart.

My first question on this new journey was; how do I get out of my head and into my heart. As a result, I did 2 different courses in meditation, a course in working with stones and an intensive course to develop my intuition. After all this grounding & intuitive work, I felt a clear call from my heart to take myself with my backpack on an ‘inner’ journey through Peru, Bolivia and Ireland.

During a one and a half year journey through Peru, Bolivia and mostly Myself, I learned a lot ‘more’ about myself and how to fully embrace life in each moment naturally. In Ireland I discovered that there are many different tools and powerful ways, in how to create a happy, healthy and meaningful life. A life that grows with me.

With all this self-experienced and self-gained knowledge, also through connecting with different power layers within me and especially within my heart, I empower people to do the same. To connect with their inner strengths, wisdom and potential just by listening to their heart.

I also support professionals in the healthcare system by re-setting the focus on ‘inner’ awareness and deeper listening in connection with their true potential. I give them the tools they need to start their profound journey within, so they can make the necessary changes to create a ‘working’ system that grows with them. Setting a self-empowered & heartfelt quality standard within the current health care system.

Marieke Bosman