Welcome to Holistic Healing.

If you want to align with your heart. To know what is truly going on in your life. Then you are at the right address. As a coach from the heart, I support you in how to listen and follow your heart. You will discover the heart as your natural place of power that unlocks love, light, positivity and potential in you.

When you choose to connect and heal your heart. You give yourself a high way ticket to sett yourself free. No more seeking in the dark or questioning yourself where to go. Because all the answers are already inside of you.

You also get the opportunity to let go of many things that are wearing you down. This instantly creates space for clarity and will boosts your energy. You start to see what is actually happening in your life. Why this is happening and what to do with it. From there you feel energised to start walking the path of self-love. You connect with what truly matters to you and you feel worthy again, simply for who you truly are.

One (online) session brings all the clarity and empowerment that you need to make the necessary changes. This investment in your true self costs €80.

Special rates are available for people who face financial challenges. Please don’t let this stop you from healing and listening to your heart.

Special group rates are possible for people and professionals (especially in the healthcare system) who like to experience first hand how life changing a clear and direct heartfelt connection can be. These group sessions instantly shift your awareness and opens up new pathways for you to explore and express. A group session can be a single powerful event (for example in team building) or an ongoing event and is capable to properly address any specific need or question from the group.