An hour of Inner Power with the Angels.

A one on one session or a small group gathering with the Angels is created for people who feel stuck or lonely, because this is simply not real. The Angels hear many heartfelt calls from people who are suffering in lonliness or feeling stuck somehow. You can experience what Angels can do in a healing and self-empowering way. All the strength and wisdom is inside of you, you just simply forgot how to connect with this part in you. We heal and support you in connecting with your inner power place that is seated in your heart.

This hour of inner power is created for you and even if you are running late, there is no problem, because you are very welcome to join in at any moment. No religion or previous experience is required. The Angels and me work individual and Universal at the same time.

This gathering is open to anyone who is seeking healing and or relief from whatever situation they are in.

We hope to meet you soon to start your inner healing process with tons of gentle guidance and (self)love <3