As a coach from the heart, I passionately and professionally connect people with the heart. I empower people in a way that feels natural and that works.

The heart has the clarity to empower you and knows the way home. By learning to listen and understand the heart, you get to know your way home as well.

(Online) Course Connecting with your Heart and How to do that. 

In 7 weeks you boost the connection with your heart as your natural power place. This brings you clarity and guidance coming from your heart. You receive all the practical tools and insights that you need in how to support and understand your heart with it’s unique language.

You can follow this course individually online or you can join a small and supportive group on various locations throughout Cork. This depends on the level of interest. Every week it takes about 2 hours to complete. It is a quick and intense boost to align yourself with your heart and to find the answers that you need.

Join the heart core connecting meditation group

Classes suitable for beginners and advanced levels who are in to meditation to connect with the heart as a power place. These classes are for you if you want to find clearance and intuitive guidance about yourself and your life. The classes are held on various locations depending on the level of interest. Each class takes about an hour, but leaving after half an hour is also possible. The focus is on you and what works best for you. €12 per person or €10 for students and unwaged.

Feel free to join or to get more information by pressing the button below

Self-empowering and healing sessions for people who feel stuck or lonely

An hour of pure inner power is created for you. No religion or previous experience is required. These sessions are given in personal one on one consultations or in small groups sessions (online). What works best for you. The location is also flexible and can be adjusted to your needs and comfort(zone).

Let me know that you are interested in an hour of inner power by clicking on the button below!