The Heart Core Connecting Meditation Group

There is also the possibility for you to re-connect with your heart through the heart core connecting meditation group. You can join this group at any time, because these meditations are always aligned with the heart and in the moment. A class costs €12 and €10 for students and unwaged.

These meditation classes are build up in 2 parts with each duration of half an hour. Making this mediation classes a highway to your divine self and inner guidance.

19:00 – 19:30 is listening and connecting with your heart
20:00 – 20:30 is deepening and empowering your heart connection

Because of this build up in 2 different parts it is perfect for beginners as well as for advanced levels. You have the opportunity to stay the whole hour or you can leave after the first half hour, so you have the possibility to adjust the meditation to what feels best to you.

What makes this heart core connecting meditation group so unique? We go straight into the heart instead, so you get direct access to your divine guidance in connection with inner peace and harmony. Depending on your level and state of awareness you will receive clear intuitive guidance.

Bring along a “yoga” mat or a pillow to sit on, possible a towel or blanket and a bottle of water.

Let us join hearts through meditation.